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What are your terms?

For new customers our terms are 50% down at the time of order and the balance due at time of part shipment. We will accept either a business check in advance or major credit cards. For existing customers with established credit our terms are Net 30 days.

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Where are you located?

Toolroom Express is located in Binghamton, NY, 3 hours northwest of New York City in the beautiful upstate region of New York.

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What is your policy on handling confidential information?

We understand the highly confidential nature of all the information that our customers supply to us. We have a clear policy on the non-disclosure of customer and company specific information. Each person involved in your project has signed a Confidentiality Agreement with the company and has agreed to adhere to our confidentiality policy. We also have a customer specific Confidentiality Agreement that we are willing to sign if requested by a customer.

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What is Rapid Injection Molding?

Our rapid injection molding process utilizes conventional mold building techniques that have been value-engineered to allow us to focus on building the mold cavity and cores as efficiently as possible. The value to our customers is that they can get their part as designed, using the material intended for the parts functionality, made in an injection mold that will exactly show the parts molded properties. We offer this service with a quick turnaround response of 5, 10 or 15 business days to ship. RIM molds are designed to be made quickly and are not substitutes for long-run production molds. They are best suited for functional part evaluations, bridge-to-production part requirements and low volume molding projects. Depending on the part and the resin selected a RIM mold can easily produce 5,000 to 10,000 parts (assuming a single cavity mold).

Many part designs incorporate undercuts, side action details or close tolerance features. The quick design/build approach of a RIM mold does not always allow for some of these features to be molded in the part. During the review of your part we may recommend a modification to the design to allow for the RIM process. For features that are essential and not suited to the RIM process we maintain a full service machine shop that we utilize to perform secondary operations when possible. This service allows us to greatly extend the capabilities of our RIM process.

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How does your Rapid Quote system work?

Our Rapid Quote system is a web-based service that allows you to make your request for quote through our website and receive the quote response via the internet from our quote server. Once you have submitted your cad model and quote information to us one of our sales engineers will review the model and complete the quote. When the quote is completed you will receive an email notice which will contain a link to our quote server and an access code. When you select the link you will be directed to our quote server. Enter you email address and the access code and the quote will be displayed. You can customize the quote to suite you requirements. If you would like to share the quote with a co-worker you can choose to forward the quote as instructed. The quote can also be printed, if needed. After the quote has been reviewed and finalized you can place an order by selecting the Place Order button. You will then be asked order related information and instructed to Submit the order. Upon our receipt of the order you will be contacted by our customer service representative to confirm the order details.

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What materials do you have available?

We have experience with most commonly used engineered resins. We have an inventory of over 100 different resins that we can use to mold your part. If we don't have the resin that you need we can get it for your project our you can supply it to us.

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